Meet The Team

kori & Katie

Tour Director/Founder/Owner 

Kori grew up in a little town called Mountain Home, ID and Katie in sunny St. George, UT. They miraculously met in the middle in Provo Ut through EFY. Kori was eventually able to trick Katie into being his wife 😉 They were married in the historic St. George, UT Temple in 2012. They are now the busy and blessed parents of 6 children. 4 beautiful princesses (ages 10-4), one little man (2 years of pure muscle), and an Angel Baby Girl named Kamryn. They enjoy game nights, dance parties, hot dates, and spending time outside as a family.

Katie received her Associates from BYUI and loves reading, working out,  and learning new things. She is a busy momma chasing around and homeschooling 5 little kids all day but finds her greatest joy from being a mother and providing a christ-centered love-filled home. She enjoys relaxing at the end of her busy days and watching a good show or listening to a good book while snuggling up to some Ben and Jerry’s… and Kori 😇

Kori recently completed his Masters Degree in Family, and Human development from Arizona State University. He has been a religious educator for 10 years and enjoys speaking at EFY (now FSY), BYU Education week, and other youth events. He is the founder of Hi Five Live (with over 25 million views on the videos he and his team have produced). He loves jamming on his ukulele, watching Emperors New Groove with his kids, and eating refrigerated Cheez-It’s.

Dave & Tia

Tour Director/Founder/Owner

David and Tia Palmer live in Thatcher AZ where they both grew up and went to high school together. They are the parents of 4 kids, two boys are returned missionaries and are currently college roommates, Tanner is 17 and Addie is 14 and is dad’s princess. They live on a small farm and raise chickens, goats and Australian Shepherds.

Tia is a dental assistant and has had many callings in the church and loves working with the youth. Tia loves to read, spend time with family, and doesn’t mind a long bath every once in a while 🙂

David served a mission in Perth Australia and came home and pursued his dream of becoming a religious educator, which he as now done for over 20 years. He became involved early in his career with EFY and has directed sessions all over the United States for 18 years. He loves speaking and teaching the youth but his favorite story is how he meet his wife “The Greatest Love Story of All Time”. He loves Sports, is a semi-professional photographer, owns a food truck called “Brotein Shakes” and LOVES to travel.

Josh & Jalin Tilley

Tour Director/Owner 

Josh and Jalin are truly a case of opposites attract. You will often find Josh on the golf course, at the ping pong table, behind a boat, or on the court. You will find Jalin arranging songs on the piano where is is classically trained, reading a book, sitting on the porch listening to a conference talk, or planning the pick up/drop off route for their 6 kids. What brought them together was an institute class 12 years ago. Jalin fell in love with josh on their 3rd date watching him give a fireside and he’s been trying to teach the gospel at firesides or in classrooms ever sense to keep her hooked. They love the youth and love learning and growing together despite their many differences.

Al Carraway

Tour Guide

Al Carraway is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ, writer, multi-award-winning international speaker, and author of the best-selling books, “Finding Yourself in the New Testament,” “Wildly Optimistic,” “More Than the Tattooed Mormon,” “My Dear Little One,” and “Cheers to Eternity!

She has spent the last 12 years traveling Worldwide inspiring others of her conversion and faith through difficult times. As well as either by bus or boat, guiding church history tours and seminars at sea.

Her passion is to tell everyone that happiness exists, and it comes from Jesus. That He’s real and He is tangible. And how to find and love Him in the hard, in the unwanted, and the unexpected. Because through it all, with God, we have every reason to be wildly optimistic.

After a decade spent in Arizona and Utah, she is now living with her husband, Ben, and her three kids, back where she was raised, in New York. 

For more, follow Al Carraway on instagram: @alcarraway

2016 — Woman + Biz Award.
2014 — Donald C. Sloan Speech Award.

Pam Ackerman

Administrative Assistant

Our administrative assistant, Pamela Beagley Ackerman, is the mother of five children, four girls and one boy. She has lived in Shelley, Idaho, for the last 20 years, but grew up in Pleasant Grove, Utah, home of the Vikings. She works as an executive assistant in the healthcare field and has volunteered in several nonprofit organizations over the last 10 years.

Pam enjoys reading, organizing, decorating, watching sports (especially volleyball), going to the movies and spending time with her children and grandchildren. She loves to have a great time, laugh and make other people happy. And, yes, she can totally do the splits and will out dance ANYONE on the dance floor.

Her favorite part of each week is studying Come Follow Me and attending the best congregation EVER, the Foundry Ward of the South Shelley LDS Stake.

Pam is a very strong and hard-working mother in Zion. She has MANY weaknesses but understands how the atonement of Jesus Christ is an active part of everyday life. She believes that this life is all about service, obedience and love, especially to one’s self. Her greatest passion in life is finding and loving that which is holy and she challenges everyone around her to do the same by her example and actions.

She’s on Instagram at @pam_ackerman

Jenny and Isaac

Tour Guide

Isaac and Jenny Rogers met while attending Eastern Arizona College. Isaac had recently returned from a mission in Ventura, California and Jenny was just starting her adventures in college. They have been married for 27 years and have 3 children. Their oldest son returned from his mission to São Paulo, Brazil and 4 months later married his high school sweetheart. Their daughter is 17 and a Senior at Thatcher High School. Their youngest son is 14 and a freshman at Thatcher High as well.

Isaac is a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room. In his “spare time” he is the Boys Varsity soccer coach at Thatcher High. He loves the sport of soccer and has been a very successful coach. He knows when to be serious and work hard but also knows when and how to have fun with the boys. But more importantly he loves the boys he coaches and helps them to become better men through the lessons they learn on the soccer field.

Jenny grew up loving dance and always dreamed of being a dance teacher. 22 years ago she was able to buy the same studio that she grew up dancing in. Although it keeps her insanely busy at times, she loves every minute she gets to spend in the dance room working with her students. She finds joy in teaching her students, loving them, and helping them become the best they can be. Whether they are 3 or 18 she loves teaching them all. Jenny finds so much joy in watching the development of her dancers over the years. She finds it very special that she gets to watch dancers grow up at her dance studio and hopes to inspire them to reach for the stars and dream big.

Together Isaac and Jenny love to spend time outside or on vacation anywhere there is a beach or camping (the beach is Jenny’s favorite and camping is Isaac’s, so they do both).  They love to take adventures in their Razor either on backroads in the desert, climbing up mountains, or speeding in the sand dunes they love to ride. They love to hike and swim in any natural water like lakes, rivers, ponds, and waterfalls. Isaac loves to ride motorcycles and has two Harley Davidsons. After years of being terrified, Jenny learned to embrace her inner “biker chick” and now loves to ride with him- not driving, just riding on the back.

They spend lots of time supporting their children in their activities. Their boys have been very involved in sports while their daughter is a competitive dancer. They also love to serve in their Ward and Stake. One of the funnest callings they had together was being in charge of 4th Year Girls at Girls Camp. Isaac loved it because it was “real camping” and they both loved the relationships they built with the girls,

They live to make every day an adventure and make everything they do fun and memorable.

Joseph and Hunter

Tour Guides

Bio Coming soon. 

Brandon and Heather

Tour Guide

Brandon and Heather Hodge were blessed to meet while serving in the Washington DC South Mission. They have been married for 21 years, are the parents of 5 children and enjoy living in Bountiful, Utah.

Heather loves being a wife and mother and using her creativity in home decorating and planning fun family vacations. She finds great joy in serving as a member of the Tabernacle Choir and sharing her testimony through music.

Brandon has been working in the Capital Markets division with Wells Fargo Securities for 20 years. His greatest loves include his beautiful wife, children, gospel and history studies, leather bags and his impressive writing instrument collection.