Your 10 Day adventure Itinerary

Your 10 Day adventure Itinerary

Below is our outlined itinerary. It is subject to minor changes.

Day 1

New York City Time Square

Thursday, June 17

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Before you leave the airport you have already done your homework and know that our tour is unlike any other church history tour on the market.  Day 1 is a perfect example of that.  WE will be waiting for you at JFK in NY (the flight to JFK and home form Kansas City are not included in the price) we will have two buses the first will leave around 5:00 and the second 6:30 so please land before 6pm, so you can enjoy the night’s activities. We will have dinner ready and greet you at our AMAZING downtown hotel near Time Square.  We will quickly get checked in and then have an optional trip down Time Square. After, we will head back for a great night’s sleep under the lights of New York City.  

Things we will pay for today: Bus from airport, Dinner

Hotel : TBD

Day 2

New York City

Friday, June 18

Today will start with a light breakfast and beautiful walk through central park to the pool of bethesda for our morning devotional and introduction to our theme for the week.  After the devotional we will walk a few blocks to the Manhattan NY temple for photos and to experience the stark contrast of the craziness of New York and the Peace you feel as you walk inside the temple lobby. From there you will have the day to experience New York.  We will meet up at 5:30 at a designated area to leave for our castle-like hotel in Parsippany NJ. Meals: Breakfast, Dinner.

Hotel: Sheraton Parsippany

Day 3

Translation Home/ Peter Whitmer Farm 

Saturday, June 19

Today is our official start of the church history side of the trip, we will start by visiting Harmony, PA and the Susquehanna River. Most of the translation of the Book of Mormon took place here, along with the baptism of Joseph and Oliver and the restoration of the Priesthood. The site includes Joseph and Emma’s Home, the Isaac Hale Home, Cemetery and burial site of Jospeph and Emma’s child as well as Emma’s Parents, as well as a new Visitor’s Center.  You will love this spot and feel the sacred nature of what happened here. We will leave here for a personal favorite lunch spot called Spiedies Rib Pit, with mouthwatering BBQ and sandwiches, we will have a picnic at a nearby park and waterfalls. Next, we will get back on our beautiful buses, with leather reclining seats, with AC, DVD’s, Wifi, chargers for phones, and bathrooms, and head to a U-Pick berry farm. We will have an hour to pick and eat all the berries you want.  If you have never had berries fresh this will be an experience you will never forget. We then journey on to Fayette, NY and visit the Peter Whitmer Farm.  Here in Fayette, the Church was officially organized in the home of Peter Whitmer. It was also in Fayette that the Three Witnesses saw the angel and the plates. Some of the Book of Mormon was translated here and Joseph worked on the inspired translation of the Bible.  We then will head for our hotel and dinner on your own tonight. Meals : Breakfast, Lunch. Hotel : TBD

Day 4

Palmyra/Church/ Smith Farm/Sacred Grove/Grandin Press/Niagara Falls at night

Sunday, June 20

This will be a Sunday never to be forgotten. We will spend the day in Palmyra NY, visiting sites like: The Sacred Grove, the Smith family farm, the E.B. Grandin Press (where the first editions of the Book of Mormon) were printed, as well as attending a local sacrament meeting and walk the temple grounds. After a full day in Palmyra we will board our bus and watch “Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration” as we drive to our hotel in Buffalo NY where a wonderful dinner will be waiting for us. After dinner there will be an option to board the bus and go see Niagara Falls at night (google it…its amazing).  Meals : Breakfast, Dinner. Hotel : TBD

Day 5

Niagara Falls/Kirtland

Monday, June 21

After Breakfast  we will drive to Niagara Falls, the oldest state park in the USA. We will board the Maid of the Mist boat which passes directly in front of the falls and enters Horseshoe Basin. This is a fun activity you don’t want to miss! After free time for lunch and shopping we travel to Kirtland, OH. We will then go to Kirtland Village where we’ll see the reconstructed Kirtland Schoolhouse, the Kirtland Ashery and Tannery, and  a reconstructed water-powered sawmill, then on to The Kirtland Temple. It was here that the Savior appeared to Joseph and Oliver. Moses, Elias, and Elijah also appeared and restored the Keys of the Priesthood associated with the temple ordinances.  We will visit the historic village of Kirtland, where we will see LDS Visitor’s Center, the Newell K. Whitney home (where Joseph and Emma lived) and the Newell K. Whitney store (which included the School of the Prophets and where many revelations, including the Word of Wisdom, were received) after you have been able to explore Kirtland we will head for our hotel near Cleveland OH for dinner. 

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner. Hotel: TBD

Day 6

Choose Your Own Adventure

Tuesday, June 22

Optional hike 7am- Any wanting to wake up early can go for a 1.5 mile hike and see the beautiful Brandywine falls, a 60 ft waterfall accessible by boardwalk. The rest of you can sleep in or just enjoy the beauties near the hotel.

Hold on to your hats today is going to be filled will excitement! Depending on your desires you will get to choose your own adventure: 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum and downtown Cleveland or

Cedar Point Amusement park (the roller coaster capital of the world)

We will meet up in the evening and watch a movie as we make our way to beautiful Amish Country.  We will have an ice cream social at the hotel in the middle of Amish country. 

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner Hotel: Blue Garden Inn

Day 7

Amish Country/Abraham Lincoln Library & Museum

Wednesday, June 23

After enjoying an Amish breakfast and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Amish people we will board the bus for Springfield IL, the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln, where we will be able to go to the Lincoln Library and Museum.  After opening in 2005 The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library rapidly became the best attended of all the Presidential libraries and one of the most studied new museums in the world. The 200,000 square foot complex, which includes an Archive, Library and Museum, features public experiences, galleries and theater presentations that are more than 50% larger than any other presidential library. This is just another evidence that this tour is unlike any other. We will close the library down at 5 and then head for Quincy, IL for dinner and hotel. 

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner Hotel: Stoney Creek Inn

Day 8


Thursday, June 24

Today we will enjoy Old Nauvoo, including the homes of Brigham Young, John Taylor, Heber C. Kimball, Lucy Mack Smith, and the Jonathan Browning Gun Shop. This afternoon we will visit Joseph Smith’s homestead; the grave sites of Joseph, Emma, and Hyrum; the Mansion House; and the Red Brick Store. Walk around the Beautiful Nauvoo temple grounds.  We will take a drive in the afternoon to Carthage Jail, the place that Joseph was Martyred, you may want to bring some tissues for this one. After Carthage we will come back to Nauvoo for dinner and sunset on the Mississippi and a walk down the trail of Hope, surely a night to remember.

Meals : Breakfast, Dinner. Hotel : Stoney Creek

Day 9


Friday, June 25

On our last full day together we will be ending our church history tour and start our church future tour.  On our way to church sites we will stop at Hank and Tanks BBQ for the best pulled pork sandwich you have ever had!  We will visit sites like Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Independence, and Far West, where we know there is still much of the church future to happen here. We will discuss the past and prepare for the future as we also visit sites like Liberty Jail, (a prison temple) where the Prophet Joseph spent several months while the saints suffered persecution in Missiouri. We will end our final night with a nice plated dinner and slideshow of the week in review.  

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Hotel: TBD

Day 10

World War I Museum and Memorial

Saturday, June 26

We will make a quick stop at World War I Museum and take pictures and say our final goodbyes.  The bus will take us to the Kansas City airport and we will be to the airport by 10:30 so please plan your flights home accordingly. WOW what a trip!!! 

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?