Your 9-Day Single Adult adventure Itinerary

Your 9-Day Single Adult adventure Itinerary

An Unforgettable 9-Day Adventure from Boston, MA. to Kirtland, OH for Single Adults.

Detailed Itinerary Coming Soon.

Day 0

Arrival Day

Wednesday, July 13

Day 0: Fly into Boston, MA

Day 1

American History Day 

Thursday, July 14

Day 1: Boston and Plymouth Rock 
Sites: Plymouth Rock, The National Monument To The Forefathers, Freedom Trail, Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Monument, Lexington and Concord, and more… 

Day 2

Beautiful States Day

Friday, July 15

Day 2: Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine 
Sites: We will Visit 9 beautiful states in 9 days, Lighthouse, Beautiful Scenery, and more…

Day 3

Joseph Smith Birthplace Day

Saturday, July 16

Day 3: Sharon VT
Ben and Jerry’s, Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial, Beautiful Scenery, and more…

Day 4

First Vision Day

Sunday, July 17

Day 4: Palmyra NY
Sites: Sacred Grove, Smith Family Farm, Palmyra Temple, Martin Harris Farm, and more…

Day 5

Book of Mormon Day

Monday, July 18

Day 5: Palmyra NY
Sites: Book of Mormon Publication Site (EB Grandin Printshop), Alvin’s Gravesite, Hill Comorah, Peter Whitmer Farm, and more…

Day 6

Priesthood Restoration Day

Tuesday, July 19

Day 6: Harmony PA
Sites: Finger Lakes Waterfall, Priesthood Restoration Site, Translation Home, Susquehanna River, and more… 

Day 7

Temple Day

Wednesday, July 20

Day 7: Kirtland
Sites: Kirtland Temple, Old Kirtland, Isaac Morley Farm, John Johnson Farm, and more…

Day 8

Departure Day

Thursday, July 21

Day 8: Kirtland
Fly Home from Cleveland

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?